A great product or service is one thing, but outstanding customer service will be the factor that takes your small business to new heights. According to a Zendesk survey, 81% of consumers shared that a positive customer experience increases the chances of a repeat purchase. The numbers don’t lie, and this one, in particular, points to the vital function of customer service within the business. 

We reckon it’s all about being human, and acknowledging the humanness in your customers, which sounds like a really obvious, simple solution. If only things were that simple. With a growing business, certain measures must be put in place to maintain the highest level of service, which sometimes may be a lot more technical than simply being human; other times, just as intuitive. 

Below we share some tips for effective customer support for SMEs.

Be accessible

We mean this in all the ways imaginable. Firstly, make your business and your staff available and reachable to your customers. This starts from the minute a potential customer discovers your brand and wants to make contact. Don’t make it hard for them. Remember, this will be their first interaction with the brand, so you don’t want to make it unnecessarily hard.

Second, try your best to consider the needs of all types of customers, so that every customer who approaches your business feels seen and considered. This might seem like a small thing, but it goes a long way in how you make a customer feel, and will likely increase the chances of continued business from all types of people.

Make service part of the fabric of your brand

Too often, we see very little regard for service. One way to ensure your business doesn’t end up there, is to adequately train your staff right from the get-go on the ways to provide the best support to customers. Lead by example by demonstrating what true customer support looks like in the way you handle it yourself as the business leader.

It’s important that your staff understands how seriously you take customer support, as well as the potential consequences of a bad customer experience (i.e. lost business).

Get customer support software

As a fledgling business, it may be manageable to take care of customer support by yourself effectively and with the help of staff. But as the business grows, this becomes harder to do, especially when you want it done well. That’s when it’s time to consider customer support software.

These are designed to automate service tickets and tasks in order to ensure your business is handling its customer service function optimally. There is a range of options available to choose from, and even though they come with a monthly subscription, you can be sure the investment is well worth it.

While effective customer service may seem like a simple element to get right, it does require a dedicated, strong-willed team to make it work. If your business doesn’t have the luxury of a fully-fledged team, a virtual assistant could be the perfect workaround. Among the many things virtual assistants can help with, customer support is high up on the list. You won’t have to commit to long-term employment, but your business can still enjoy the benefits of a world-class customer service support rep. It’s a win-win.

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