You’ve heard about Outsourcery’s virtual assistant service and how fantastic it is for your productivity to hire a virtual assistant, but you’re not entirely sure what to expect. That’s perfectly okay! If you haven’t worked with a virtual assistant or a virtual assistant agency before, here is some useful information to guide you along the way.

What can I expect when I hire a virtual assistant?

If you’re hiring a virtual assistant through an agency that offers virtual assistant services as we do, you can expect to first meet with a consultant who will speak to you about your needs and understand what you’re looking for.

You’ll then be expertly matched with the perfect candidate based on your requirements and the industry you work in.

Our virtual assistants have vast backgrounds in various industries and types of businesses. From solopreneurs and start-ups to large corporates, we have a virtual assistant with the right training and expertise to suit your business.

Some agencies will provide you with a pool of suitable candidates to choose from, whom you can then interview to find the right fit.

Once you have a virtual assistant assigned to you, the magic begins!

How do I start working with a virtual assistant?

Now that you have a virtual assistant on board, it’s time to get them up to speed so that they can start making your life easier by taking on the tasks that bog you down.

Remember, you will need to allow a reasonable period of time to train your new virtual assistant and get them onboarded properly so that they know what they’re doing and what work they need to tackle for you.

Although our virtual assistants come with all the software they need, you will need to give them access to any tools they’ll require to do the tasks you need them to do.

Set aside some time in your schedule to spend a few sessions with your new virtual assistant to help settle them in.

What can my virtual assistant do?

While virtual assistants can most definitely help out with tedious office admin that you simply don’t have time for, there are plenty of other tasks that they can help with.

Your new virtual assistant can do everything from arranging every aspect of your next getaway to running payroll and managing offices.

What’s more, if one of our virtual assistants can’t help you with something, they’re backed by a team of specialists who can. So, if you need a full-blown marketing strategy for example, we have access to a team of expert strategists who can help.

How do I work with my virtual assistant?

Because your virtual assistant will be working 100% remotely, it’s important that you keep in contact with them regularly. This way, they can be kept abreast of any company updates and keep you informed about their progress.

You can also use an instant messaging tool like Microsoft Teams or Slack to reach your virtual assistant when you need something urgently.

Additionally, you might want to use a productivity and project management application like Asana, Trello, or ClickUp so that you can track your virtual assistant’s tasks and workload.

Now that you know more about what to expect from our virtual assistant services, there’s nothing stopping you from hiring your very own. Visit our website to get started by speaking to one of our consultants free of charge.

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