Email marketing is a powerful tool. It’s the perfect way to generate and nurture leads and is also the ideal way to gently nudge potential clients through your marketing funnel.

Did you know that email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of up to 42%? In other words, by simply spending some time putting together a few email campaigns, you can start getting up to 40 conversions from one single campaign.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of email marketing is that it’s relatively free, and most email automation platforms offer comprehensive free packages to get you started.

If you’re a life coach and you’re looking for ways to boost brand awareness and get your message out there, email marketing is an excellent tactic to try.

Here are our top reasons why life coaches should use email marketing.

Reason #1: You’re already an expert

Perhaps one of the most essential aspects of email marketing is the content you send out in each email. It needs to be well-balanced, meaning you shouldn’t only send out sales emails but also provide valuable, informative, and or entertaining content.

As a life coach, you are already an expert in so many things. It should be easy for you to write a few email sequences that share tips and advice that you already have up your sleeve.

Additionally, sharing your knowledge with your subscribers establishes credibility and is an excellent form of thought leadership.

Reason #2: You can make it personal

One of the biggest marketing trends out there right now is personalisation – consumers are expecting marketing content and offers to be tailored to them and to speak to them directly. Getting this right could significantly boost your conversions.

The nature of your business as a life coach is quite personal, and your email marketing is no exception.

Most email marketing platforms allow you to personalise the communication you send out. Based on the data that is connected to each email address, you can customise your emails to address the reader by their name – for example. You can also personalise the email based on their location and their age.

Reason #3: Collecting email addresses is simple

Of course, the first thing you need when you attempt email marketing is a database of subscribers. You can get new subscribers simply by including an email signup box on your website.

Whether it’s a popup message or a form in your website’s footer, you can easily collect email addresses to add to your database.

Additionally, you can also ask your social media followers to fill in their email details on your website.

Including a form where people can sign up for emails from you is an important part of your marketing strategy. People might not be interested in working with you just yet, but they may be willing to part with their email information because they may consider working with you in future.

If the thought of putting together a finessed email marketing campaign leaves you a little confused and concerned – never fear! Our skilled virtual marketing assistants are ready to help you develop superior email marketing sequences that actually convert. Visit our website to find out how you can get matched with your very own virtual marketing assistant today.

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