Whether you’re selling a product or service, starting with the right mindset and attitude can be the difference between make and break. Know who you are, your brand, your valued purchaser, and where you fit in the market.

According to EMBROKER, about 90% of start-ups fail to make it past year one. And about 14% is due to needing to pay more attention to potential and existing clients. It’s undoubtedly a hard road, but it doesn’t have to be overly tricky. With these tried and tested tips to help you keep focussed and on track towards success, you’re in for the win.

Start with a solid foundation when speaking about your products and services

One of the most overwhelming tasks that new businesses face is creating content for their social media channels, website, or even emailers. It takes a lot of work to speak objectively about yourself and sell your services effectively. Things like call-to-actions, SEO, and keywords all come into play. In addition, you want your posts to be consistent, regular, and relevant.

Another helpful tip to get customers to invest in your product is to tell them about who you are. Sharing your story allows you to become relatable. Remember, people often want to feel connected to someone, especially when purchasing online.
Hint: this is one of those “I can so do this myself” traps – sound familiar? Ever considered hiring a virtual assistant to help you out?

Invest in robust software to support your sales processes

Everything from paid advertising to good old-fashioned organic posting and more can and should, be tracked and recorded on a reliable system to help you and your team convert those all-important leads into sales. Check out our blog on Hubspot vs. Salesforce to compare how these two pieces of software can add value to your organisation. One is undeniably more suited to larger organisations, but it’s always good to research and know what’s available.

The point is, whether it’s an organisational tool like Trello or another platform, you really want to take a closer look into what can support you best and ensure you’re organised and informed at every step.

Know the best closing sales techniques

You’ve had some good conversations with leads and even sent out a quote or two. Now, it’s crunch time. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale; remember, they need you! But what happens when your lead all of a sudden gets cold feet? Here are some closing tips to see you over the finish line.

“I love your service, but it’s too expensive.” Having your prices on your site is one way to avoid this conversation. If there’s still some hesitation, they’re either not seeing the value in your product or service, need some clarity, or need to understand the details thoroughly. Be transparent, and ask open questions. Then, get to the issue’s root and see if you can reinforce the benefits.

“I’m just too busy to look at this.” The irony is that they could be a lot better off with your service and, again, need the incentive to take action. Often it’s expressing an urgency, shelf-life, or time-sensitive offer to motivate your lead to make payment.

Food for thought

There are no shortcuts to success, but there is such a thing as working smarter and not harder. Surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the best sales techniques to close a deal. Having that resource in your corner, whose focus is to create the space for sales to flourish, is one of the best investments you can make as a small business owner. Visit Outsourcery for insights and further information into how a VA can work for you.

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