Improving your sales performance: Everything you need to know

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If you’re running a small business of any sort, you’ll know that every sale counts, and in the early stages of your business, you’d probably go to the ends of the earth to make those sales happen quickly.

Before you journey to the ends of the earth, acknowledge that there are many ways to improve company sales performance from the comfort of just where you are. That’s not to say it won’t require work. Here we share tips to improve sales performance, while benefiting your business and brand on the whole.

Establish (realistic) goals

You can’t just say you want to increase sales without having firm goals in place, and a solid plan for achieving them. It helps to break your goals up into daily, weekly and monthly targets. For example, how many prospects do you want to approach, and from those, how many are you hoping to convert? Make sure your goals are realistic and that your team is fully supported with the tools, knowledge and skills to achieve them.

You may also want to introduce incentives here to give your sales that extra nudge to improve company sales performance.

Polish your marketing strategy

While marketing efforts are usually directed at building a brand, its power to drive sales is undeniable. Increased brand awareness naturally increases the likelihood of sales. If done really well, a marketing strategy may even mitigate the need for a sales team, given the possibilities of the digital realm and ecommerce.

On the other hand, a great marketing strategy is a tremendous support for your sales team, and will make their job a whole lot easier.

Harness the power of data

There is great power in data for all facets of business, but especially in the sales funnel. Use it to your advantage. The more information you’re armed with, the better your chances of improving your sales performance. This can include product data, for example, which products are performing best vs those that need a boost, or when certain products outperform others.

A good CRM system will also help your business to track its sales progress, so that you can monitor things like progress on deals, red flags, and areas that need improvement.

We know all too well that the entrepreneurship hustle is real, and the to-do list doesn’t seem to have an end. Unfortunately, even when you have all the knowledge and tools to improve your sales performance, time is often the issue. Luckily, this is a task you can outsource to a virtual assistant, so you can free up your time to focus on growing your business.

Outsourcery provides experienced, skilled and super-efficient virtual assistants at rates that are perfectly suited to small businesses. Working fully remotely, they don’t require any investment in terms of onboarding costs, yet you get all the benefits of a full-time employee, except you only pay for the time used.

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