HR tips for managers

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When it comes to Human Resource matters, an organised and efficient approach is vital. Include a robust system to help you keep informed, with quality processes in place to ensure you’re on top of your HR game.

Human Resources has seen its evolution over the years. The landscape has shifted; we are entering the Generation Z era. Immediate access to information is a must and is accelerating the redefinition of HR to a more people-focused strategy.

To help make this particular mountain easier to climb, we’ve come up with some top HR tips for managers to glide through HR responsibilities.

Define the business’s values, mission, and vision

Well-constructed mission, value, and vision statements are essential. They provide an outline for the HR strategy of the business. A mission statement will clarify why the business is in operation, and the vision statement will give valuable insights into the projected objectives. A value statement is the belief foundation on which the company is built. Collectively, the manager can use them to achieve goals and shape the organisation. And the HR department can use them to attract and retain the best people for the job.

Invest in a remote employee for your HR needs

An excellent solution for managers and SMEs is to hire a remote resource to handle the fiddly bits of HR. But, as we know, HR encompasses more than personnel. It is an integral part of the operational side of the business. And hiring a part-time or full-time person in-house to cover this role can be costly.

An agile remote employee can provide a flexible solution as the business expands or changes. The benefits for the manager allow them to flourish in their role without getting bogged down by recruitment, onboarding, training, company handbooks, or people management. Consider the time it takes to research legislation, for example. Or when initiating company procedures and processes. So, of course, these things need to be addressed, and managers need to have the best support they can to ensure all the boxes are ticked.

Have software in place that suits the size of your organisation and meets your business objectives

Supporting your HR function effectively and smoothly with technology can be manageable. Configurable software designed to meet end-to-end needs is increasing, meaning that businesses of various sizes and budgets can utilise it to cater to their needs. Until recently, things such as recruitment, human capital, and performance management were out of reach for those with cash flow constraints.

With bespoke workflows, an integrated system can automate all the tricky human resource management functions while keeping confidential HR data secure. In addition, a cloud-based system like Empxtrack can help you overcome HR issues with an all-in-one solution.

Final thoughts

These days, remote working has become entrenched within the working arena and has allowed organisations to access a vast pool of resources they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. A virtual assistant, for instance, could manage your HR function, including researching and implementing best practices and systems, running recruitment campaigns, payroll, and everything in between; your HR hassles can become a thing of the past.

Let Outsourcery’s Virtual Assistant services demonstrate their excellent organisational and proactive skills and approach. With no long-term retainers and flexible hourly packages, there’s a plan to suit every budget and operational need.

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