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Lots of people generally start the New Year with resolutions and goals for themselves, ranging from objectives of self-improvement to reaching for new experiences. This tradition doesn’t only include individuals, though, but also businesses. So, during the first two to three months of the year, companies across the globe flee to the boardroom to start talking about strategies for improvement, including the marketing team.

Usually, campaigns are formed, and goals are placed for specific products or services, but that shouldn’t be where your strategy ends. To improve your overall online marketing, you need to look at your best practices and what team members are doing on a day-to-day basis. Fine-tuning and optimizing the general approach to your digital strategy will increase every single campaign moving forward. Here are some general tips on approaching your strategy so that you can see results going forward.

Access Your Resources 

Are the current programmes, app systems, and software the best for your company today and tomorrow? Often businesses invest in one system when they start their marketing and still use the same system five to ten years later, even though their company has grown and their budget is more significant. A good tip is to check every year whether your technology still works for the company’s objectives and goals. Is there something better? What are the upgrades? Does it still work for what you are trying to achieve? If not, it might be time to relook at some other options.

Basic SEO success 

The best way to engage customers and get those algorithms working for your website is to freshen it up and add engaging content. But as you add more and more content, are you optimizing as you go? Before starting the new year, it is always advisable to do a thorough website audit. Check that all your meta-tags are in place, alt-images are shiny, and your backlinks are all working.

Follow the Journey 

Once you have worked out how a web crawler makes it through your website, from the point above, the next thing to look at is your customer or client’s journey. If you haven’t yet understood who your audience is, then now is the time to do that. Once you have your categories in place, look at all your platforms and website to work out how your clients will find you and how easy it is to get to your service or product, and then buy it. Take your time to open up the bottlenecks and fine-tune the bumps. The better the journey, the more streamlined the process is, and the higher your sales are.

Start, Stop, Measure, Adjust, Continue, Report

Every single campaign should be tracked with real-time analytics. While it is a good idea to do the standard A/B testing, monitoring and making slight adjustments during the campaign runs are also advised to ensure a smooth journey. Finally, at the end of the campaign, do a report to show the numbers and the lessons learned to determine what worked and what needs optimising.

Learning from campaigns is what is going to improve the overall success of any marketing team. By improving with each step, you will see an overall positive trend. This is what the fundamental objective should be for any company – constant general improvement.

Another great way to improve your strategy is by getting a consultant. Our team of digital marketers can assist you in reaching your goals and objectives. Visit our website to book a free consultation to find out how we can help you with your 2023 marketing planning and take your brand to new digital heights.

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