The best smartphone apps to manage your social media in 2023

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If you are in the marketing business or have a business that needs marketing, you probably know that there is no ‘one app to rule them all.’ Because each social media site is different in terms of its engagement, application, and analytics, you might need a mix of apps to roll out your marketing strategy.

The Foundation

A few key points are needed and form the baseline for any good social media app. They are:

  • Being able to schedule. This is an essential requirement. Accessing inboxes within social accounts is a bonus, but only a few apps have this. 
  • Access or support for all social media accounts. The whole point is that you can manage various social media platforms within one app. You should be able to access your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. A little investment is made to ensure the app’s quality; after all, nothing is free. Well, nothing worth using. But there needs to be a return on investment. If there is a cost to the app, features must be added, like outstanding support, updates, and proper tools.
  • Analytics. All strategies and campaigns should have analytics so that you can track what worked, what didn’t, engagement rates, etc. Ideally, this information should come through to the app so that you can watch the progress of your campaigns as you roll them out.

Give us the apps! 

Now that we have established what we want, let’s look at the apps! 


Hootsuite is definitely one of the leading apps available for social media management.This trendy owl has taken the app store by storm with its scheduling ability, monitoring, and pull-through of analytics. You can edit and automatically resize images, measure performance, and even moderate comments.

Because it is flexible and provides everything, the app can be overwhelming initially to those who are still novices. But they provide helpful videos and support to show you how to turn off things you don’t want and see something you do want. It also allows you to collaborate with your team to have easy workflow and visibility. 

The app can be pricey, especially for small companies. Still, it is an incredibly useful tool if you can get it.


The nice thing about Buffer is that it works as a freemium model. This means that you can post 10 social posts for free or, with a paid plan, increase to unlimited scheduling. This means that you can take advantage if you are still in the beginning stages of your journey and expand with your social media strategy. 

Buffer provides analytics and suggests suitable times for you to post for maximum exposure.


This app is relatively new to the market. Still, it might be worth growing with as they have an exciting approach to social media. Instead of requiring you to work out the best time to post and on which days, MeetEdgar does it all for you. 

You can use it to post various content, from promotional material to blog posts. It automatically re-shares content over time to different audiences. They are still slowly including different social media platforms, but if your platforms are there already, this might be a great place to start.


This app has two plans: one for small businesses and one for large. You can have access to advanced analytics, work in teams, and schedule extensively across platforms. They also let users design their own inboxes and have permission control for users.

There are some attractive features, including keyword filtering, and overall the app is clean and user-friendly. An overall decent app that will enable any marketing team to take their social media content calendar to the next level.

If you need to know if these or other social media apps are suitable for your brand, we’re here to help! Our team is always on-hand to support and guide. Let us know your goals and needs for 2023, and we’ll determine which app and platforms are best for you. Visit our website to learn more about outsourcing your marketing to a remote strategist. 


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