6 core reasons why property professionals should outsource to a virtual assistant

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Property professionals  struggle to maintain consistent levels of productivity and efficiency when they are spending a substantial portion of their time with general management and other tasks that are better suited for a personal assistant.

Hiring an in-house PA or doing the work yourself isn’t cost effective and significantly affects the growth of your business. While you are burdened with mundane tasks, your competition are making sales.

However, hiring a virtual personal assistant can significantly improve your business operations, so here are 6 core reasons why property professionals should outsource to a virtual assistant.


General Management

Coordination with tenants, contractors and insurance agencies can be incredibly time consuming. Your key role as a property professional should be sales.

Your virtual personal assistant can save you time by managing all these basics. By simply providing them with a template early on, they can manage your inbox, respond to queries, and basic questions, as well as file important messages for you to attend to at a later stage.

The expertise of a virtual PA is rooted in the art of delegation, and one of the core pillars of delegation is responsibility. You can make your virtual PA responsible for tasks such as contacting clients who have shown interest in a property or whose profile fits a new listing.


Conducting Research

As a property professional, you need to be in the know about the latest trends in your industry, competitor activity, and any tips that you can use to capitalise on securing buyers or tenants.

Good research correlates directly with an increase in conversions. Your virtual PA can record all conversions in detail on a spreadsheet or within a program of your choice, and work with you in utilising industry trends to increase conversions in the best way possible.

Furthermore, if you need information to help you sell or rent to potential buyers, your virtual PA can help you research what facilities your clients find appealing.

This will allow you to effectively match buyers up with a listing prior to contacting them, as well as ad a personalised and thoughtful service for them.


Manage Legal Documentation

There is nothing more time-consuming than managing the legal documentation of difficult tenants or other agents you might be working with. Your virtual PA can help effectively manage your personal or business legalities.

Furthermore, they can help you source and complete any legal documentation required for land registration, auctions, planning permission, and more.

If a task is urgent you can tap into their ability to chase on clients or stakeholders involved in legal documentation. This is often an incredibly tiring and irritating task, which wastes energy. We highly recommend delegating the task of chasing clients to your virtual PA.

Property professionals know all too well how important it is to maximise your energy on sales rather than the mundane task of chasing legal documentation.


Scheduling Meetings and Viewings

Property professionals are salesman of the highest standard, and their energy should be solely dedicated to just that.

Your virtual assistant can help you schedule meetings and viewings so that all you have to do is pitch up and sell. Furthermore, they can help you to maintain a work-life balance by scheduling these events so they don’t clash with your personal or family life.

Your virtual PA’s are experts in everything digital, so updating your calendar with all of the essentials is something they can do with their eyes closed.



Digital Marketing

The chances of property professionals being as skilled at digital marketing as they are at selling property is highly unlikely.

As a property professional, you want your businesses website to rank high on Google. When it comes to website rankings, it’s all about SEO. Your virtual PA can liase with the most cost effective solution for web development and design. This will allow your property business to rank higher on Google.

Having a strong social media presence is essential to the growth of a property business, especially with platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook, which allow businesses to effectively find leads for you to update your listings.

Furthermore, logo and brochure design are important for upholding a quality digital performance. You want your clients to know that you perform every task in a professional light.


Finance Administration

Personal or businesses finances need to be handle so property professionals have time to focus on whats important. To undertake this task on your own will be time consuming and tiring. Furthermore, it will significantly decrease personal downtime, as well as business productivity.

Delegate financial administration to your virtual PA. They can help you with bookkeeping, expense data capture, reporting and more.


Outsourcery and Property Professionals

It might seem impossible to find a virtual personal assistant who can help you with the aforementioned tasks, but not with Outsourcery.

Our virtual personal assistants are experts in personal tasks, business admin, family tasks, financial administration, PR, and more.

Although you might not think they can complete the social media, SEO, client generation, or web development tasks associated with digital marketing, think again. Outsourcery have professional support from their sister companies PrimePixels and Deeply Social, who are experts in digital marketing.

You can view all of the services and pricing packages on our website. If you are still uncertain about if one of these packages suits your business operations, we have a 5-hour free trial specifically tailored for property professionals. In this time, we will prove to you just how much one of our virtual PA’s will benefit your business and personal life.

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