Our best advice for start-ups in 2023

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Whether you’re a solopreneur or a passionate start-up leader, there are certain aspects of your business that you need to address before the new year rolls in.

As Outsourcery was once a start-up and we are very much entrepreneurs ourselves, we thought it would be a good idea to share our top advice with you so that you can succeed in 2023.

Setup payroll first

Did you know that your employees are more likely to leave your company if they are paid incorrectly, even just once? Keeping your staff happy should be your top priority as a start-up leader.

The best way to ensure your team has job satisfaction, retain talent, and stay on the right side of labour law is to get your payroll set up right from your very first month.

Acknowledge that your team is only human

When it comes to start-ups, the pressure is on in a very big and real way. Deadlines are tight, clients are demanding, and there’s always the need to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Again, your team’s happiness will propel your start-up to new heights. An integral part of keeping your team happy is acknowledging that they are only human.

Introducing a wellness programme, for example, is a great way to ensure your staff stays healthy and productive and to show them that you genuinely value them.

Something else you can try is to allow your staff to work flexible hours or to work remotely when it suits them. This will ultimately result in happier, more driven employees.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

As entrepreneurs ourselves, some of the best advice we can share with you is to delegate as much as possible, wherever possible.

The sooner you realise that you simply can’t do it all yourself, the sooner you’ll have the freedom to address the aspects of your business that matter the most.

Spend a week or two writing down each task you do in a day. Then think about which of these tasks can be realistically delegated to other people on your team or even outsourced.

Hire a virtual assistant

While you’re in the midst of running your start-up, things can get pretty hectic. The worst thing you can do is get bogged down by tedious admin tasks that really could be handled by someone else.

Hiring a virtual assistant to handle your business admin, manage your diary, and carry out almost any task can be a real game-changer for your start-up.

A virtual assistant can help you with payroll, can manage your wellness programme, and you can delegate to them as much as you need to.

Not only are virtual assistants an affordable option – especially compared to hiring in-house – they are a valuable extension to your team and will help you take your business to the next level.

If you want to know more about hiring a virtual assistant, visit our website to book a free consultation. We would love to meet with you to tell you all about how hiring a virtual assistant is the best move you can make in 2023.

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