Whether you require a project-specific specialist, a remote team to handle continuous tasks, or a highly skilled digital professional to fulfil a specific role – we provide you with what you need, exactly when you need it. Our talented pool of professionals consists of virtual assistants, digital marketing and social media experts, digital marketing specialists skilled in paid media and email marketing, graphic designers, and more. We also have a fully equipped and highly trained web team to assist you with your website, from conception to launch, maintenance and SEO optimisation.

No, all our staff are full-time employees. As well as hiring the best, we invest in continued learning and development, ensuring your virtual team member is up to speed with the latest tools and trends.

Thanks to Cape Town’s tech and entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem, we can offer industry-leading talent at a fraction of the cost of a local hire. Our virtual team members are highly educated, native English speakers with international experience and are just one or two hours ahead of GMT.


When hiring an Outsourcery virtual team member, you get access to highly skilled specialists in various fields without the commitment of long-term contracts. You also have the added benefit of saving on office expenses, employee benefits, and other overhead costs. With Outsourcery, you only pay for the actual hours your virtual team member works using precise time tracking. This makes outsourcing a practical and cost-effective solution.

We offer various affordable packages on a flexible monthly subscription basis that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. You buy a specific number of hours to be used during the month to complete the various tasks you need assistance with. Whether you need 20 hours of social media management or a full-time person at 160+ hours per month, we can help.

“4 easy steps:

1. Tell us what problems need solving.
2. Get matched with a virtual team member with the right skills and experience to support you.
3. Start working with your new virtual team member in as little as 24 hours.
4. Enjoy stress-free, cost-effective productivity!”

We’ll take the time required to understand your needs and the skillsets required to ensure high-quality service delivery. In doing so, we can match you with a member of our team who has the right skills and experience to support you. If we do not have a virtual team member on hand, we will recruit from our fully vetted candidates that fit your needs. Our sales team will send you portfolios of the available candidates, and you will then choose who you would like to work with. We’ll arrange a call to meet your new virtual team member so your stress-free productivity can begin.

The availability of your virtual team member depends on your total plan size. Most of our staff work across multiple plans and structure their days very strategically to accommodate work to meet the appropriate deadlines. If you need access to your virtual team member all day, we suggest going for a full-time (160 hour) plan.

Yes, multiple virtual team members can work on your plan depending on the skill sets needed.

Your virtual team member will proactively assist in additional areas to ensure they’re maximising your hours. Hours do not roll over, but you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. It is important that you and your virtual team member manage your hours well, so you get the most out of your monthly plan.

As part of your subscription, we ensure you always have coverage if your virtual team member is unavailable, whether sick or on planned leave. We have a system to match the skill sets needed with one of our other virtual team members to ensure continuous efficiency and no break in service delivery.

Payment / Billing

Your subscription renews automatically every month on the same date you started. Your subscription fees are due seven days before your plan’s monthly renewal date.

Payment can be made via Stripe, credit or debit card or Direct Debit. The specific payment details for any additional services will be included in your quote.

You can upgrade (add additional hours) your plan at any time. The upgrade will be activated immediately upon receiving payment for additional hours. You can request an upgrade with your account manager or client services.

You may downgrade or terminate your subscription upon providing one month’s prior written notice. The notice period shall commence from the start of the following month’s subscription date.

Your notice period is one calendar month, which shall commence from the start of the following month’s subscription date. For example, if the Monthly Commencement Date is the 10th day of each calendar month and you provide us with notice of termination on the 2nd day of June, the notice will take effect and your subscription will only terminate on the 10th day of July.

Service & Support

We understand that your and your business needs can change, which is why you are entitled to a talent swap. You can contact client services to activate the talent swap solution. We will then get to work on matching you with another virtual team member with the needed skills to take over your plan immediately to ensure no break in service delivery and continuous quality service.

Executive Assistants

They’re probably the one person you’ll speak to every day, so it’s important to work with someone who you like and trust. They also have access to a lot of your life, so get to know them – a good working relationship is the foundation of great work.

A people person. Who’s enthusiastic. With organisational skills. And tech-savvy. Excellent communication skills. Someone who takes initiative and knows how to prioritise. With a high level of professionalism.

At Outsourcery, we put a lot of time and thought into ensuring the most effective working partnership possible. Let us know exactly what you’re looking for, your goals, any special requirements, and we’ll introduce you to the perfect person to take on the job.

Whether they’re acting as your personal shopper, reminding you about birthdays, arranging your travel, researching, bookkeeping, or helping to keep your diary and inbox in check, a VA should leave you with time and headspace to do what you do best.

A part-time assistant is often more cost-effective, as they can be on hand when you need them, but won’t be charging you for any downtime. At Outsourcery, we help arrange a flexible working schedule and package for maximum productivity.

We can almost guarantee you’ll quickly discover there’s so much more that can be delegated than you first thought. Productivity and efficiency aside, you’ll find your intellectual capacity increases, leaving you time to think about the big stuff.

Client retention is always more cost-effective than client acquisition. Our specialists have worked for various international companies and know how to integrate themselves into your team and company. Plus, we will work according to the technologies that you already use.

Marketing Talent

You’ll speak to your dedicated account manager about any specialist service requests. From there, your account manager will write a brief  for the relevant specialist.

Statistics show that when social media is at the top of your digital marketing funnel, potential consumers travel faster through their user journey. It’s also the most effective platform for turning your customers into friends through word-of-mouth advocacy.

Yes, your social media manager will manage your social media from conception to posting and everything in between.

Yes! Ads work well because they are highly targeted. Add to that the fact that 80% of consumers use the internet to research local products & services, and you have a recipe for success.

You’ll begin to generate leads & increase brand awareness from the very first day. In addition, you can get started relatively quickly, no matter how large or small your budget.

Your account manager and professional copywriters will take care of everything. We can conduct keyword research, develop a content strategy and produce regular blog content for you that will engage your audience. We’ll also publish it on your website!

Yes! We offer all the same expertise as a full-service agency without the hefty price tag. Through our unique model, we’ve made it possible for SMEs to compete with big players in any industry.

Yes, it’s all yours. Since your monthly plan is paid in advance, all work your team produces belongs to you. Think of us as an extension of your business, here to do your bidding.

We assist you with everything from strategy, on-page optimisation, competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO content and SEO health checks – from start to finish

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little as £120 per month

Spend less time doing the tasks you don’t have to. Outsource to our skilled digital team.

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