What We Do

For over 8 years Outsourcery has provided thousands of business leaders
and SMEs in the UK with access to world-class, remote virtual
assistants, sales assistants, customer support specialists, marketing
specialists and web solutions at affordable rates.

How it works

Our clients get started with a new team member in 4 steps.

Virtual Assistants | Outsourcery
Outsourcery | Outsourcery

Step 1

They tell us what problems need
solving. We take our time to really
understand their needs and craft a
bespoke talent solution. This can be
one person for a short term project, or
a team taking on full-time roles.

Outsourcery | Outsourcery

Step 2

We match clients with a member of
our team that has the right skills and
experience to support them.

Outsourcery | Outsourcery

Step 3

Our clients start working with their
new team member in as little as 24
hours, on a monthly subscription basis,
with tons of ongoing support to
guarantee a successful outcome.

Outsourcery | Outsourcery

Step 4

Our clients enjoy stress-free, cost-
effective productivity!


The Outsourcery difference

Outsourcery  We carefully curate our team

All our staff are heavily vetted and are full-time employees, rather than freelancers.

Outsourcery   We’re based in Cape Town

Thanks to Cape Town’s tech and entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem, we’re able to offer industry-leading talent at a fraction of the cost.

Outsourcery   We like to keep things flexible

We know that the clients’ needs will change which is why we partner
on a flexible subscription model.

Outsourcery   We’re your  growth partner, with a personal touch

We invest fully in our clients personal and business success. At its core, it’s this personal dedication and care for our clients’ growth that makes us different from the rest.

Sales Partner Programme Opportunity

After successful testing, we’re now expanding our sales partner network to bring the joy of a flexible, quality hire to more businesses across the UK.


Your Opportunity

Help those in your network to scale and find workforce efficiencies by providing them access to a large pool of quality talent at more affordable prices than a local hire.


Your Business

You’ll place our great remote talent into your personal and business networks. This talent currently includes virtual assistants, business assistants, sales and customer service support and marketing specialists.


Your Training

We’ve been doing this for over 8 years so we know how to place talent & teams into UK businesses. We’ll take the time to teach you how this is done, with face-to-face training
and ongoing remote support.


Your Support

You’ll have a dedicated sales partner account manager and a direct line to the senior team. Once you’ve placed someone, we’ll take care of the rest, with only light touch account management responsibilities as your ongoing task.


Your Reward

It’s a profit share model, where you’ll take a % of every role that is placed, on an ongoing monthly basis. As a result, this can develop into a lucrative, low-touch annuity income stream for sales partners without significant investment or additional overheads.


Who would this
opportunity suit?

Outsourcery   Someone looking to leverage an existing business network.
Outsourcery   Someone who is sales orientated.

Outsourcery  Someone looking to build an annuity income stream without
significant investments or overheads.

Your Next Step

Find out more about the Outsourcery Sales Partner Programme opportunity.



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