6 Ways a VMA can Supercharge your SME Marketing

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Now that we’ve told you a bit about what a VMA is, it’s important to cover the benefits of a virtual marketing assistant and what they can do for you 

Their skills and experience in the confusing and constantly evolving world of digital marketing are vital in making sure they handle the kinds of things that could be taking up hours of your valuable time.  

Have a look at this list of the top six tasks that make a VMA a supercharger for your small business marketing: 


Social Media 

One of the most common services requested of VMA’s is to handle social media for their clients. This time consuming yet crucial task has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to an absolute essential for businesses 

Whether it’s creating content, scheduling it or handling engagement on social media platforms, there is a lot to manage and it can easily become a full-time task.  

This is one of the benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant. They can easily create, schedule, monitor and report on all your social media activity effectively. After all, they are the experts.  



Content marketing is a proven way to better your SEO efforts and to ensure that you reach audiences and provide expertise and information to a world full of potential customers.  

However, the biggest challenge for most business owners is finding the time to regularly create the amount and quality of content to ensure that it is truly effective.  

How many business blogs have you seen that start off with a monthly piece of content that rapidly falls by the wayside? Due to a lack of frequency, these blogs see a slow decline into an archive of dated information 

Making use of a virtual marketing assistant can ensure not only that you have relevant content that is linked to keywords that’ll help your website rank on google, but that there is a consistent pipeline of content that keeps visitors coming back to your site to learn and interact with your business. 


Data Collection and interpretation 

In the world of digital marketing there are hundreds of metrics such as impressions, CPC, clicks, engagements and bounce rate, but what do they all mean, where are they found and do they even matter to your business and its marketing activities?  

Questions like these and the interpretation of data are what our VMA’s do best.  

Their knowledge of the digital landscape and insight into the metrics that are most relevant to your business will allow them to guide and develop your digital marketing activities while you’re focused on the day to day running and growing of your business. 


Paid Ads 

In a world where the internet and social media are the first port of call for most purchasing decisions (e-commerce sales were forecast to account for 18% of all retail sales in the UK in 2018) can you afford not be advertising online?  

Whether it’s placing adverts on Google to ensure that your company is among the top results or targeting your adverts to your exact customer base, your VMA can help.  

With expertise, know-how and experience on their side, they’ll be able to conduct the research required to ensure that your ad spend is managed and used as effectively as possible. This will ensure it starts converting online interest into genuine business leads. 



Determining what marketing channels are best suited to your business and its goals is no simple task.  

You may think that your business should be on Facebook when your ideal target market may be found on a different platform or perhaps not even on social media at all.  

The know-how and ability to make these decisions and recommend a strategy that is ideally suited to performing as you need it to are factors that our team of VMA’s bring to the table and pride themselves on.  

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant can help you by clearly and efficiently developing the optimal digital marketing strategy for your business goals and how your marketing budget can be used most effectively to achieve them. 


Overall Expertise and Experience 

The overarching benefit of having a VMA on your team is that you’ll reap the rewards from the experience they have gained working in digital marketing. 

Their practical use of digital marketing over the course of their career and that of the team they can rely on for insights and advice is invaluable when taking on the responsibilities of marketing your business in the online space.  

Rather than taking on the responsibility and time-consuming task of learning what is an entirely new career, you could have a trained team of experts mapping out a clear path to your business success in the digital realm. 

To take advantage of the benefits of a VMA and get your business moving on the path to success in the digital space, get in touch with us, we’d love to connect you with one of our team at PrimePixels and be the difference in your digital endeavours. 



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